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Is your nearest and dearest living far away? You’d love to send them a big Christmassy package to open but the air mail costs are astronomical. Look no further than surface mail.

Surface mail is a package or letter that is transported by land and sea (along the surface of the earth), rather than by air. It’s cheaper and allows you to post larger parcels but at a smaller cost than airmail.

If you’re posting to Western Europe you have until Thursday 17th November, but if your loved ones live in South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA or Canada the deadline is Thursday 13th October.

Both Cloudberry in Barnton and Blackhall have post offices nearby. You can grab a gift, wrap it and post it and win points for being thoughtful AND organised!

We’ll post reminders on facebook and twitter or you can print an entire list of surface mail dates from Royal Mail’s website (go to ‘Sending items abroad’).

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